Drunken Planters

I had such a cliche Monday. I woke up late, I couldn’t find anything to wear, my coffee wasn’t made and when I went outside in the morning, the first thing I saw was my car with a flat tire. Boooooooo.

A car with a flat tire in the country usually isn’t a big deal. We have air compressors, and tire changing tools if it comes to that. But this morning, for some reason, nothing worked. The compressor wouldn’t start, and I didn’t have enough time to change it (plus I really suck at tire changing and would rather pay more insurance to have someone do it for me).

Since I still live on the compound (the Ranch), help is mere yards away in the form of my Mother. I woke her up, bright and early, to frantic, late for work, Meg. She gave me her car and I promised to get off from work early so I could take my car in to be fixed.

Before I knew it my car was in my parking lot, with two new, paid for tires. To top that all off, my Mom told me that she was making me dinner! What a wonderful day!

As a token of my appreciation I wanted to do something nice for her. So I made her these planters.



Various plants – flowers, vegetables, herbs, succulents


Rebar – I like the 4 footers, but any size will do


Potting soil – use the good stuff, it matters!!!


A hammer and gloves




Clay pots – various sizes or not


Start by hammering the rebar into the ground. Make sure you get it deep enough to support the amount of clay pots you are using.


Thread the bottom of the pot through the rebar at an angle. I like to use a big pot on the the bottom and work my way up.


Continue threading the pots through the rebar at alternating angles.


Keep going…..


Just a couple more….


Stop when the rebar is covered by the last pot.


Helper dog – Jinx!


Start filling the bottom pot with soil.


Then start planting your flowers.


I like to use odd numbers of plants and find a “filler, spiller and a thriller” as my floral design teacher would say. For example one plant that grows up-right, one that stays round and has awesome color, and one that will trail out of the pot.


Continue planting until you fill the last pot.


Go back and cover the soil with moss.


The moss really “finishes” it, don’t you think?


Taaa daaaa!!!!


I went ahead and did a baby one for her too. I need to do one more because odd numbers look best.


I did matching succulent planters on the beginning of my walk-way. I’m hoping to do some vegetable themed planters next spring, hopefully they will be close enough to the house to be protected from the damn thieving deer.



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7 Responses to Drunken Planters

  1. I love that you could do this outdoorsy thing in cute shoes still. That earns a thumbs up from me! : ) – Jenny

  2. ha ha, shhhhhhhh, don’t tell, but they are crocs! I love them! So. Much.

  3. Awesome!!! I am stealing this 🙂 Now where to put it…….

  4. What a wonderful idea! Drunken planters would work great next year in my herb garden.

  5. I love the drunken planters! Now just need me some land to hammer rebar in.
    Cute crocs and manicured nails. Are they blue? You rebel. I have snuck my gold glitter pedicure into court for a week now.

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