Super exciting times in the life and times of Megan Brown. In addition to going to my first Giant’s game – see me above with Crazy Crab. A couple months back I did an interview with Christine Vovakes about women is agriculture. The original article appeared in the Spring 2011, Chico Statements – a magazine from California State University, Chico. The article is called Outstanding in the Field and I think you can find it here:

The Sacramento Bee article is here (I don’t really sell grass fed beef commercially (we are a traditional ranch), and I got the term agvocating from AgChat Foundation):

Second big exciting thing is this food blogger from NEW YORK CITY, reads my blog. This is exactly who I aim my blog to – people who don’t get to see what I do. I printed it out and put it on my Mom’s frig. This freaking made me cry. Check it out here:

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