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Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Because of the recent drama my last Wordless Wednesday post caused I wanted to give you all an update. However it takes me forever to write, because I suck at it, so you get this for now. I’m working on a longer post that will explain how this whole thing ended. Also Jenny Dewey has very graciously¬†agreed to be a guest blogger. I’m very excited about it. Jenny is the daughter of Dave, the processor who slaughtered (I used it! ha), our beef. She has a pretty unique perspective and access to things most of us never get to see – plus she is a pretty amazing photographer.

In the meantime Andy Vance is going to interview Skype me (hello – bucket list!) (and I’m skyping! I feel like the future!). He posted an article about the blog too –¬† .

I’ve calmed down a lot and learned a lot from this whole thing. So I’m glad it happened. Thank you again to everyone who support me, commented, retweeted and e-mailed me. You all rock!

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