How Do You Know if a Cow is Pregnant?

By feeling of course! I’ll add more pictures to this blog when I go home. But this is Dr. Randy Walstrum preg checking our heifers.  It looks gross, I know – but don’t panic! It’s organic! ha ha ha
It does not hurt the cow. It does not hurt the unborn calf. Dr. Walstrum is very good at what he does and it just takes seconds.



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4 Responses to How Do You Know if a Cow is Pregnant?

  1. I knew the answer and was still suprised by the picture because it was just out of view until I hit “page down.” Made me laugh.

    Story. When I worked in the real world my company took a trip to Priefert’s factory in Texas. They have a ranch on the same grounds as the factory. We were given the opportunity to check some cows in the way you pictured. At the exact moment one of our short and short armed regional managers was shoulder deep a huge tree fell down and landed on a fence a couple hundred yards away. Someone yelled, “You didn’t have to stick your arm so far up the cow that you pull the roots out from under that tree!”

    • erin

      I wonder how you would feel if someone stuck there arm in your virgin, I think it would hurt, even if it took only seconds by an experienced person.

      • Hi Erin, actually the Dr. is not putting his arm in their vaginas. He is putting his arm in their anus. And if you compare the size of a cow to a human, a little human arm is nothing to a cow. They have bowel movements that are bigger. You are more than welcome to come out and watch next time we preg check so you can see for yourself.

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