Inside, GASP, Cargill.

This is great! Want to see what it looks like inside a real beef processing facility? This is from Cargill. We’ve sold our beef to them before.
Notice how CLEAN everything is. Notice all the technology. Notice they are SHOWING you what is going on. I LOVE to see this kind of transparency in my industry! THIS IS WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM.


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  1. I’ve been to one of their research facilities in Minnesota when I worked for a farm and home chain of stores. Animal feed was one of our most important departments. Our stores even win three few truckloads of feed! Also very clean and Cargill is more than happy to tell you exactly what they are doing. The site I visited was studying the current effects of feeds on hogs and fish.

    Isn’t Cargill one of if not the largest privately owned companies in the world?

  2. I’ve heard that too! I have to say I am constantly impressed with Cargill. In college, they gave me a scholarship that was much needed . They really do support farmers and rancher. It makes me sad when people that have never worked with them start bashing.

  3. I would LOVE to tour this!! So amazing!! 🙂 Love the blog Megan!! Thanks for the link!!

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  5. Even though I’ve been a supporter of the things you have to say, I actually DO have a problem with this “inside” look at Cargill. It really makes me feel quite ill just thinking about it.

    For instance, picture 11, Where on earth are his cable tidies? His office needs some serious trunking work done. Also what’s the point of hooking a low resolution security camera up to a large monitor (which actually is a plasma and not an LCD)(you can tell because of the lack of blurring from the refresh rate). An LCD would have been cheaper and consume less energy.

    Plus you can see he’s using multiple computer systems with multiple keyboards and possibly mice. Why not just use the one keyboard and mouse but have a switcher for controlling the other PC’s? It would free up so much desk space!

    As awesomely clean and efficient at the plant is, and a great a job as they do, they seriously need to explore their IT systems choices…..

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