My Factory Farm 2

Since the first one was so popular.…. I give you number 2….

My boys.

How I spent almost everyday of my childhood.

A little older…


My Mom’s bottle calf and Hoot on clean up duty.

Cows coming home from the mountains.

After they get off “the bus” they “pair up” in the corral. The babies and moms ride in separate parts of the truck so no one gets squished. We know they are done pairing up when everyone is quiet.

This is what they come home to.

Spring time!

One of Mom’s bottle babies with our replacement heifers, on the winter ranch.

Steers getting ready to be sold. It’s early summer so their winter hair is dying and falling off, that is why they have that red look to them. They scratch on anything! We find tufts of hair all over the fences. They finish off slick and black.







I call this border collie eyes.

The babies crawl through the fence. The dogs push them back with their moms. The cows like to hang out in the dust piles in the summer, it keeps the bugs off. They graze in the morning and evening and hang out in the dust and chew cud during the day. Notice how the cattle all hang out close to each other? They like it – the spread out when they graze but when it’s cud time they pile on up.

Yeah Clint Eastwood filmed a couple movies on the ranch. The little blonde is me.

I still work in my PJ’s.

Ranch dog telling a steer what’s up!




My B&W phase.

Baby Hoot. Cute, huh?


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  1. Cute pics! 🙂 Thanks for sharing…oh and I want to steal that puppy. lol

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